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In the increasingly globalized world we're living in,there's a detectable, ever-present risk of forgetting where we come from and what is so special and unique about our origins. Being and remaining local should be much more important than going global.
Rooted, personalized and hand-managed situations are getting more and more necessary to keep our feet down to earth while letting our souls fly to far new worlds.
Local apparel collections are very much focused on the use of materials, techniques and methods with a strong association with their place of origin. Every piece is crafted to add a strong emotional component to the power of the raw matter.
It's a simple and light collection, focused on shapes, styles and details. A trouble-free, straightforward, almost breezy way of dressing. Natural handknitted wool, organic cottons, feather light gauzes carefully and patiently embroidered by hand are the essence of Local easy and timeless pieces.




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